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Values of the Chesterton Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas

The values of the Chesterton Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas are rooted in the pursuit of truth, the cultivation of virtue, and the integration of faith and reason. Our core values guide our educational approach, community life, and individual development:

  • Faith:  We value a living faith in God, nurturing a personal and communal relationship with Christ and a deep understanding of the Catholic Church's teachings. Our community is committed to prayer, worship, and the sacramental life, fostering spiritual growth and moral formation.
  • Reason:  We uphold the power of reason and the pursuit of truth. We encourage intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, valuing rigorous academic inquiry and the wisdom of the classical liberal arts tradition.
  • Virtue:  We are committed to the cultivation of virtue, understanding it as the foundation of moral character and the cornerstone of a meaningful life. We strive to embody virtues such as courage, prudence, temperance, justice, faith, hope, and charity in our actions and relationships.
  • Community: We value a supportive and respectful community where students, teachers, and families work together in partnership. We seek to foster an environment of mutual respect, collaboration, and genuine care for one another.
  • Excellence: We are dedicated to excellence in all endeavors, striving to achieve the highest standards in academic, moral, and spiritual development. We challenge students to realize their full potential and to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Service : We believe in the importance of serving others and contributing to the common good. Our community encourages acts of service, compassion, and generosity, recognizing our responsibility to share our gifts and talents with those in need.
  • Joy: Inspired by G.K. Chesterton's wit and wisdom, we value joy as a central aspect of our community life. We celebrate the wonder of creation, the richness of human culture, and the delight of discovery, fostering an atmosphere of positivity and gratitude.

These values are interwoven into the fabric of the Chesterton Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas, guiding our mission to educate the whole person – mind, body, and soul – and to prepare our students to lead lives of faith, reason, and virtue.