Coming to Warrenton in Fall of 2025

House System

Chesterton Academy’s House system is drawn from the 1,000 year-old tradition of Christian education exemplified in the colleges at Oxford and Cambridge. The Houses provide real, tangible community within the larger school, giving students the opportunity to take ownership, fulfill the call to leadership, and to cultivate the ideal conditions for virtue. Each House has a senior and junior prefect and a faculty advisor.


  • Daily Mass: The Eucharist is "the source and summit of the Christian life." For in the blessed Eucharist is contained the whole spiritual good of the Church, namely Christ himself. For this reason, every school day begins with Mass.
  • Faith at the Center: The faith is the central reality from which all academic disciplines flow and derive their meaning. Faith is at the core of our academic program. All subjects we teach through lens of the Church. This makes our school unique. Religion at CA is not merely one academic subject among many.
  • Retreats and Prayer: Students pray the Morning Offering and the Angelus. 
  • Unique Calling: Each person has a unique and unrepeatable gift. Students are prepared for life which means finding their vocation and discerning their calling for their lives.
  • Building up the Kingdom of God: To use the skills they acquire at CA in faith, hope, and charity to build the Kingdom of God in this life and be with Him in everlasting happiness in the next.


At Chesterton Academy at St. Thomas Aquinas, student life is enriched by a vibrant service program designed to cultivate a spirit of generosity, community engagement, and a deepened sense of personal and social responsibility. Our service program is an integral part of our mission to form well-rounded individuals who live out their faith in action. 

Here’s an overview of the student life service program at Chesterton Academy:

Service Learning Philosophy

  • Faith in Action: Students are encouraged to see service as a tangible expression of their Catholic faith, embodying the call to love and serve others as Christ did.
  • Holistic Development: The service program aims to foster not just academic growth but also spiritual, moral, and social development, promoting empathy, compassion, and a lifelong commitment to serving others.

Service Opportunities

  • Community Service: Students engage in a variety of service projects that benefit the local community, such as volunteering at food banks, shelters, nursing homes, and community centers.
  • Global Outreach: Opportunities are provided for students to participate in mission trips and international service projects, broadening their understanding of global needs and fostering a spirit of global solidarity.
  • Parish Involvement: Students are encouraged to serve within their local parishes, participating in liturgical ministries, religious education programs, and parish events, deepening their connection to their faith community.
  • Pro-Life Initiatives: The academy promotes awareness and action on pro-life issues, encouraging students to advocate for the dignity of all human life, care for creation, and work towards the common good.

Service Integration

  • Curricular Connections: Service learning is integrated with the curriculum, allowing students to connect their academic studies with real-world service experiences. Reflection and discussion about these experiences are encouraged to deepen understanding and personal growth.
  • Leadership Development: Students are given opportunities to lead and organize service projects, developing leadership skills that they can carry into their future endeavors.
  • Recognition of Service: The academy recognizes and celebrates the service contributions of students, highlighting the impact of their work and encouraging a culture of service within the school community.

Spiritual Component

  • Reflection and Prayer: Each service activity is accompanied by reflection and prayer, guiding students to see their service as part of their spiritual journey and relationship with God.
  • Retreats and Formation: The academy offers retreats and spiritual formation programs that emphasize the connection between service, faith, and personal vocation.

Chesterton Academy’s student life service program is a reflection of our commitment to educating students who are not only intellectually prepared for the future but are also compassionate, service-oriented individuals ready to make a positive difference in the world.


Sports at Chesterton Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas works in partnership with parents and families. As a new school, we look forward to building an athletic program based on what our enrolled students and families want. Student participation in a sport every season is highly encouraged.